🍺 Maredsous 10 Tripple from Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat

In 1963, the Benedictine abbey of Maredsous entrusted the production and sales of the famed Maredsous beers to Duvel Moortgat. The monks continue to exercise strict control over its recipes and quality standards right up to today.

Regardless of what colour or taste you choose, the Maredsous range has everything to intrigue you. These aromatic, delicate, fruity and velvety beers supplement each other in a perfect harmony as far as both colour and taste experience are concerned.

The blonde Maredsous with 6% alcohol content, the brown one with 8% alcohol content and the triple one with 10% alcohol content ripen first for two full months before they depart to their final destination. The specific bottle fermentation, refined by the brewery for its main brand Duvel, also give the Maredsous abbey beers an extra dimension.

About Maredsous

The triple Maredsous with 10% alcohol content is one of the favourite beers of Michael Jackson, the outstanding beer ’pope’: \These beers have long been my favourites. Above all the 10° is an especially tasty beer.""

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