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At Clipper City our mission is to bring back the local brewery, and to do it in such a way that we are more than just a fringe player, but a positive part of our area. To accomplish this mission we have created a broad portfolio of products and brands with enough diversity that we have at least one beer that can appeal to everyone. Whether your preference is for a classic American style lager beer, or a big, challenging Hop Cubed Ale, we have a something that will suit your taste. Our goal is to brew beers for people who dare to walk up to the edge of the mountain and actually jump forward. Our beers are for those who chart a bolder course. Our brewery is named for the famed Clipper ship - first developed and built in our home port of Baltimore. The Clipper ship is the symbol for a strong nautical and maritime heritage with a commitment to craftsmanship of the highest caliber. It captures both the hardy nature of our working class history and the romance of what lies on the seas ahead. Why be normal when you can be EXTRAARGHdinary? We believe in bringing beer drinkers the quality and flavor of a handcrafted beer while supporting the local communities we serve.

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