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We believe that New Jersey is starting to learn what the rest of the country already knows; that local microbrews are some of the best beers in the world! Finally, curious beer drinkers are stepping out from under the mind-numbing barrage of large brewery advertising and deciding for themselves what they like. Our beers are designed for those curious drinkers. The large breweries use fillers in their beer; Corn or Rice are the most frequently used. Most good beer should be all Barley, in the same way that good hamburgers are all beef. Barley is expensive and the more fillers that are used, the better the profits! Cricket Hill Beers are 100% Barley as are most great beers. Please take the time to taste different local beers. I am certain that those who decide not to let television dictate what they drink are ready for a wonderful adventure into the world of Beer!

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